Software Development

We build the Web based application software to the customers using the most cost effective software solutions based on the Open Source Software Foundation under the Windows and Linux operating system.

  • Language/Platform  Java/Windows XP/Linux

  • Web Server/Container  Apache Tomcat v4.1

  • Container Framework Apache Struts v1.1

  • Logging Foundation  Apache Log4J v1.2.7

  • EJB Container  JBOSS v3.03

  • Database  MySQL v3.23.52

  • Datasource/Connectivity JDBC2.0

  • Directory Server  iPlanet/LDAP v5.1

  • XML Parser  Xcers v2.1.0

  • Language Platform  J2EE v1.3/J2sdkv1.4.1

  • External Communication RMI

  • Mail Java Mail v1.3

  • Chart/Graphics  JFreeChart v0.9

Rapid Application Development Framework

Web-Based Rapid Application Development based on the Open Source Software under Windows/Linux operating system. Well established Apache Struts JSP/Servlet framework and the class libraries make the application development more robust and quick.

Web Based Storage Resource Management

Web based Integrated Storage Resource Management System under Linux operating system. Web-Based RAD framework to provide the most cost effective software development solutions.

  • Most cost effective/much less expensive solution

  • Stable and more functions

  • Web based system

  • Linux server and open source software

  • Integrated heterogeneous resource management

  • Policy based flexible management

  • Framework and template based development

  • Incorporated to the rule based workflow engine to perform the company specific management needs

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